Where Can I Have Hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy can be performed when a woman’s life is in danger, for example, in case of severe bleeding during childbirth, cancer of the cervix or endometrium (uterine cancer). In most of the cases, hysterectomy is an elective surgical procedure, used to treat non-cancerous gynecological conditions that are not responding well to other treatment options. This surgery is indicated for women who don’t want a pregnancy and who have exhausted other therapeutic options.

In this PlacidWay video, you will learn more about Hysterectomy:

00:09 – What is Hysterectomy?
00:30 – When do Hysterectomy performed?
00:44 – what are the indications of Hysterectomy?
01:09 – what should a Hysterectomy clinics offers?
01:26 – Where Can I Have Hysterectomy?

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