Diabetes Type 2 Treatment with Stem Cells – Success Story

See HOW Stem Cells Help This Patient in his disease! Diabetes Type 2

In this video you will hear patients testimonial on how diabetes type 2 treatment with stem cells helped him recover the decease.

Diabetes has been one of those diseases which cause many other diseases within the same person. A diabetic person may already have to face many other disorders only due to this disease.
One of the basic reasons for this is that the person’s immunity lowers to great extent.
It makes the diseased person weak and unable to cure little injuries even bruises. In this disease, the particular person fails to extract sugar molecules form the blood and they get excreted out of the body with urine which causes weakness in a person. Moreover, the body fails to produce chemical named insulin which controls the absorption of glucose form the blood.

But now diabetes type 2 treatment with stem cells ensures a permanent cure form this disease.

Stem cell therapy for diabetes has opened new doors and horizons for all diabetic people all around the world. These are the source of the treatment of diabetes in this technique.

State-of-the-art cord & cord blood processing laboratory has the latest and most sophisticated technology in the heart of Mumbai.

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