PlacidAnswers: Where can I get cheap tubal ligation reversal surgery abroad?

Tubal Ligation Reversion is a surgical procedure done in order to restore fertility after the ligation of the fallopian tubes (a sterilization procedure in which the fallopian tubes are sectioned or totally blocked in order to prevent pregnancy).

During the tubal ligation reversal, the surgeon removes the blocked segment of the fallopian tubes and reconnects the fallopian tubes remaining, in order to enable pregnancy. If the procedure was successful, the eggs will get back to the uterus through the fallopian tubes and the semen will be able to move up to the fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg; then, the fertilized egg will adhere to the uterine wall.

Most tubal ligation procedures may be reversible. After the tubal ligation reversal, at least one of the fallopian tubes will be functional and up to 75% of women who have undergone this procedure will be able to conceive.

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