Top Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

V Plast Clinic is one of the best aesthetic and top plastic surgery clinic in Bangkok Thailand. Its goal is to offer excellent beauty treatments and procedures by combining the spirit of science with art. The medical team is dedicated to the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, performing all the procedures with modern equipment, care and commitment.

V Plast Clinic was founded in 2001, born and developed out of clinical Virapun medical Association. The clinic was first intended for laser skin treatments, but later on, thanks to the strong determination to improve the ideological and aesthetic plastic surgery area, the clinic expanded plastic surgery as well. The medical team was trained in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand and gathered all the information needed to develop revolutionary techniques and approaches.

V Plast Clinic not only provides highly successful aesthetic and plastic surgery, but also offers professional post-surgery care. The modern operating room and the comfortable recovery rooms are everything that a patient needs to meet the goals towards a perfect body. The medical team continuously improves and develops new aesthetic and plastic surgery techniques to reach the patients’ satisfaction.

For more information about the V Plast Clinic and the treatments and procedures they offer, do not hesitate to contact us!



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