Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Dentist for All on Four Dental Implants in Costa Rica

All on four dental implants gives you a complete dental makeover to enhance your smile. It not only gives you an opportunity to smile beautifully again, but makes your teeth healthy.

As we age in life, it is natural for every individual to lose teeth. Each one of us is bound to lose upper and lower teeth as we grow old. All on four dental implants is an advanced replacement of dentures and a complete freedom from the discomfort and hassles of dentures. “All-on-four” dental implant restoration is a remarkable technique for replacing teeth with a small titanium screw that fits inside the jawbone and also replaces the root-part of the missing tooth at the same time.  All-on-four dental implant requires minor surgery in order to insert the implants. A crown is attached to the teeth for a highly realistic appearance and functional prosthetic tooth after the dental implant procedure.

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