Social egg freezing and postponed maternity

In this video

In this video you will find out more about egg freezing and your options. Freeze your eggs and become mother whenever you want.

Social egg freezing is storing of eggs from a healthy, fertile woman, who want to delay motherhood because of their career. Other reason for social freezing is waiting for the suitable partner.

It is a fact that the best reproductive performance/ability of women is around their 25 years of age.

Afterwards pregnancy rates decline relatively fast from 35 years and miscarriage rates rise exponentially. After the age of 43 years, chances of becoming pregnant are very low. It is also a fact that for women, combining career and motherhood, at the same time, is a very difficult. Social freezing has potential to harmonize these incompatibilities. However, it is a worldwide tendency that women decide to give birth in their elder ages, as compared to earlier/20–30 years ago. Nevertheless, it is important to freeze eggs from the best reproductive years to ensure maximum success rate of social freezing outcome.

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