Fresh and frozen egg donation programs

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It is widely recognized and accepted that in today’s modern society, many women prefer to lay aside having children until a later time for various reasons, such as getting her career on a sound footing or finding the right partner. Therefore, a woman may be motivated to keep her fertility by freezing the egg cells as a precaution against future procedures, such as cancer or removal of the ovaries and tubes.

The aging process begins after 30 years. This increases the proportion of unhealthy abnormal egg cells that are unable to establish a pregnancy and / or a healthy child.

One can hardly find a normal egg cell when aged above 43. Therefore, we recommend to women that they freeze their eggs before their 35th birthday.

In women under the age of 35, at least 50% of the eggs are still healthy and capable of producing a pregnancy, if there are no other issues present. If the eggs are harvested and frozen it can help the woman by giving her security and the comfort of knowing she has the possibility to create a family in the coming years with the use of young and healthy eggs.

To help women who have decided to use the process of social egg freezing, for medical or personal reasons, and unlike many other clinics we have the ability and the knowledge to safely freeze and store the eggs collected in our advanced and extensive egg bank.

For more information about fresh and frozen egg donation programs, contact us!

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