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Placenta Cell Treatment in Mexico. In this video you will lear about placenta cell treatment therpay in Mexico. Integra-Medical-Center – Placenta Cell Therapy is a type of adult cell therapy that utilizes the placenta, or afterbirth of a woman who has undergone the child birthing process. Dr. Omar Gonzalez specializes in Placenta Cell Therapy that utilize a multidisciplinary approach to medicine. His office, Integra Medical Center, based in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, offers a path to healthier futures for thousands of individuals around the world seeking effective cell therapy treatments and therapies not yet available in the United States. Contact us directly: Email: Phone: +1 303 500 3821 Website: Follow us: Youtube: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn: Helpful tags: placental cells,placental cell types,placental cell therapy,placenta cell therapy,placenta cell culture,placenta stem cell banking,cell cellar placenta,placental cell fusion,placenta treatment in Mexico,human placenta cell,placenta cell therapy cost Mexico,placenta stem cell injection,placenta immune cell

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