Artificial Disc Replacement Spine Surgery Abroad

Artificial Disc Replacement Spine Surgery Abroad. In this video you will learn about spine replacement surgery with aftificial disk replacement. Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery for back pain.

Do you experience persistent back pain that isn’t relieved by medications or physical therapy? You might be suffering from disc degeneration (damaged vertebral disc that causes chronic low back or neck pain).
Benefits of ADR:
– Allows normal possible movement after surgery
– Can return to work earlier than expected
– More gradual return to activities vs. allowed movement after fusion surgery.
– Relieves the pain
– Lesser incidence of revision surgeries (a surgical procedure that modifies the original implant)

This procedure tends to replace the disc with an artificial disc. This disc, not only, alleviates pain but, also, allows a degree of mobility and flexibility to the patient. Despite its high success, the artificial disc replacement surgery is not without it disadvantages. First, there is no guarantee that the surgery will relieve the pain; sometimes it can even make the pain worse. Second, a condition known as spontaneous ankylosis can develop; it refers to the ossification of the surrounding tissue of the operated vertebrae, which develops a condition similar to that of a.

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