Artificial inter-vertebral disks can replace the damaged ones within the cervical or lumbar region, in order to ensure the normal mobility of the spine and to release pain. These synthetic discs are especially useful in the case of severe spinal injuries, when the conventional surgical methods are not effective. The implant may be used for people with herniated disc or severe back pain.

In this PlacidWay video, you will learn more about Total Disc Replacement in Asia:

00:11 – What is intervertebral disc?
00:29 – How a artificial intervertebral disc replaced?
00:59 – What you need to know about the total disc replacement?
01:25 – How is Asian Clinics for international patients?
01:50 – What are the specialty of Total Disc Replacement in Asia?
02:19 – Where Can I Have Total Disc Replacement in Asia?

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