Why travel to South Korea for Weight Loss Surgery?

Morbid obesity is now considered a chronic condition. Its damage is manifested through ongoing metabolic destruction and chronic inflammation to various organ systems inside the body. The systemic damage eventually leads to the development of obesity-related conditions such as hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, glucose intolerance/insulin resistance, atherosclerosis, dyslipidaemia, and endocrine dysfunction among others.

South Korean medical facilities are just among the many accredited facilities that offer bariatric surgical procedures to medical tourists. Despite the visa requirements imposed to these countries, Chinese, Mongolian and Kazakhstan citizens travel to South Korea for bariatric surgery. Individuals from the US, Australia, Canada, and Singapore also consider South Korea’s surgical expertise in obesity surgery and travel to receive high standard and affordable medical care. Lack of insurance coverage, rising medical costs, long waiting times prompted most medical tourists including South Korean expats to return to their homeland for world-class healthcare.

Should you decide to undergo bariatric surgery with our South Korean Medical Centres, we are happy to help you! Contact us for more details!


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