Why more Canadians choose to be medical tourists?

Medical Tourism for Canadians. Leaving Canada for Medical Care.

PlacidCanada is the best option for medical tourists who seek affordable, accessible and high quality medical options abroad. We are here to assist you in finding the best treatment options according to your needs.
It is difficult to find the highest quality standards of medical care abroad on your own. That is why PlacidCanada comes to your help with valuable information and data about the best medical facilities in the world, experienced physicians and we offer exclusive packages only for you!

A growing number of Canadian tourists are choosing to go abroad for medical treatment. More and more patients are receiving treatment in foreign countries.

Latin America is one of the destinations that Canadian tourists visit the most in their search for medical care. But why?
Frustrated by high prices lack of insurance and lengthy wait time for non-emergency procedures people choose to cross borders two countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala and El Salvador.
These countries preacher flawless healthcare systems, quality medical care advanced medical facilities, renowned doctors, high-tech equipment and great outcomes.

The affordability of the treatments is another factor that makes Canadians opt to travel to Latin America.
Most of the Canadian tourists who receive medical care in Latin America are undergoing urology, general surgery, ophthalmology, dental, orthopedic, cosmetic and plastic procedures. For many, becoming a medical tourism is also a chance to combine a tropical
vacation with plastic or elective surgery.

PlacidWay is a medical tourism company that helps Canadian patients choose from a wide range of treatment packages offered by renowned medical centers in Latin America.

By requesting a free quote patients will receive all the information they need within hours followed by continuous assistance and support in order to take the most suitable decision and make the best of their medical trip.

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