“Evolution of Medical Tourism” by Pramod Goel

Pramod Goel, President and founder of PlacidWay, and is industry leader in medical tourism, with and experience-rich background in growth oriented ventures.

The field of medical tourism is exploding, and the social and economic impact for corporations as well as entrepreneurs in the medical tourism and medical destination travel industry is opening up broad avenues and possibilities for medical providers.

Pramod Goel provides easily understandable and tactical solutions that combine numerous industries in the field of medical tourism, including travel and hospitality, technology, and healthcare. He provides background information, education, and guidance for those wishing to build and market their services, practices, and technologies in this field. Through analysis of the history of globalization as well as the future of global healthcare, Goel focuses on meeting supply and demand in medical tourism, nurturing and developing patient/customer acquisition, as well as provides guidance on sustaining profitability through the provision of complete customer satisfaction.

Medical tourism has become a valid global marketing alternative to traditional and stagnant health care venues.

The economic (and social) impact of these separating borders literally levels the playing field for entrepreneurs and corporations around the world, which is the focus of Evolution of Medical Tourism: from Cottage Industry to Corporate World.

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