Which dental clinics to choose in Turkey?

Quality of Dental Clinics in Turkey

Wondering which dental clinics to choose in Turkey? Need an implant or a reconstruction from a chipped tooth?

Considering traveling abroad for dental care? You should choose the best for yourself! Dental Clinics in Turkey are largely centered around the capital city of Istanbul.

Many patients from US, UK and Canada travel for dental treatment in Turkey. In the US, almost 1/3 of the population does not have dental insurance. In UK and Canada, what prompts many patients to travel for their dental treatment is the long wait time. Patients sometime have to wait for a couple of weeks if not months for their dental appointment.

Cost saving is the most important factor for medical and dental travel to Turkey. Patients can experience cost saving of up to 50% to 90%

The dental clinics in Turkey offer high quality treatment comparable with the best that could be had at any clinic or hospital around the world. During and after treatment, one could visit places of tourist interest that abound in the region. Upon landing in the city, one can be arranged to be picked up from the airport and whisked away to the hotels- these range from 3 to 5 star ones- and advance bookings could also be had for the purpose.

The dentists go through a grueling almost six year degree course followed by internship and have been exposed to all aspects of dental care and treatment. The dentists possess education and experience comparable with the European Health Standards.

The dentists and dental clinics in Turkey are exposed to the latest in the respective specialized field through continuous education, attending international seminars, etc.

The technology and techniques used in many medical tourism destinations also matched the best in the world.

To attract medical tourists, dentists have started adopting the latest in technology such as dental implants and lasers and promoting their clinics. This coupled with lower costs has made dental tourism very attractive.

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