Dental Tourism Trends 2017

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Dental procedures are expensive in the United States, Canada or UK when compared to prices in select countries overseas.

The better-value, lower-priced care is attracting dental tourists in greater numbers each year. The dental tourism concept brings a perception to consumers seeking dental care of significant savings if they choose to go abroad for dental work. Based on claims made by various clinics these could range from 50-70% savings. For example, a dental implant in the US costs around $4,000 and $3,500 in the UK. Prices can go as low as $1,500 in Thailand, $1,000 in Turkey, $850 in Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia, $750 in India and Argentina.

Price being the main driving force towards the expansion of the industry, countries such as India, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Turkey and countries in eastern Europe have a big advantage due to lower cost of dental services. They can compete on price!

The dental tourism market is definitely moving towards a commodity-type market, where there are many suppliers and the demand for those services is becoming a common place. The type of procedures, skills and techniques to perform those dental services are becoming the same thing. The main differentiating factors among providers, such as costs and quality, are blurred among so many dental service providers.


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