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Price of rotator cuff repair surgery in Mexico. Rotator cuff repair is needed after one or more of the rotator cuff tendons are torn, because the tendon no longer fully attaches to the head of the humerus. The tears occur in the supraspinatus muscle and tendon, but other parts of the rotator cuff may also be involved in this process. Contact us directly: … Email: info@placidway.com Phone: +1 303 500 3821 Website: … If you have a torn rotator cuff and have participated in physical therapy and other activities to try to heal the injury naturally and they have been unsuccessful, then your surgeon may recommend that you have surgery to facilitate rotator cuff repair. Surgery for rotator cuff repair can be done conventionally or arthroscopically, through several very small incisions. During the surgery, the surgeon may remove debris such as pieces of tendon, bone chips, or bursa which may be floating around and causing pain inside the rotator cuff. Follow us: Youtube: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn: … Helpful tags: rotator cuff repair surgery cost in Mexico,rotator cuff repair operation,what is a rotator cuff repair,rotator cuff repair cost,rotator cuff ligament repair,rotator cuff repair brace,rotator cuff repair elderly,rotator cuff repair implant

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