Transplant Tourism: Risks and Benefits

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Transplant tourism consists of going to a foreign country to have organ transplant. This form of medical tourism is practiced by people who need urgent medical attention due to either end stages of chronic diseases which lead to multiple organ failure or when the patient has sustained lesions damaging internal organs. Most of the times, people prefer going abroad for a transplant for benefits such as no waiting lists for a donor organ or cheaper medical expenses. But no medical procedure is risk free, especially when visiting a foreign country. In this PlacidWay video, you will learn more about the risks and benefits of transplant tourism: – What is Transplant Tourism? – Benefits of Transplant Tourism – From the Surgeon’s Perspective – From the Donor’s Perspective – The Risks of Transplant Tourism Choose the right decision when it comes to choosing health care options abroad! Find out more, contact us! More info: Email: Phone: +1.303.500.3821

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