Stories of Hope – Patient Autism Treatment with Stem Cells

Autism is known as the complex brain disorder. This disorder can cause some problems such as the difficulty in communication which can lead to impaired social interactions.

In addition, this kind of disorder can cause the acts of obsessive repetition or routine.

The general problem which most of children with autism face is hypoxia. This problem is mainly caused by the condition in which the brain is lack of oxygen. It can cause the immune system not to work appropriately as those with sufficient oxygen. It has been widely agreed that oxygen is one of the most needed elements for the brain to work properly. Brain with lack of oxygen can cause some problems.

According to the research and clinical trials that are taking place worldwide, doctors could now possibly say that stem cells can regulate the immunological obligations of the body and reverse the damage.

Stem cells are the master cells of the body, that can be differentiated into any kind of cells as and when required.

This remarkably unique ability of stem cells has been exploited by the medical science to treat a variety of degenerative disorders including autism. These magical cells remain dormant in the mature organs throughout the life of an individual. The technology has allowed to extract these cells from any of the known organs, most commonly Bone Marrow or Adipose Tissue.

These cells are processed in the laboratory for the enrichment and can be re- infused back into the body of the patient.

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