Interview with Doctor Rodriguez: Best Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Treatment with Stem Cells

Watch this great and informational interview with Doctor Rodriguez about the innovative treatment by using Stem Cells for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery available in Panama.

Plastic surgery or otherwise known as reconstructive surgery is a means to reshape body parts through operations. The reshaping is normally carried out to amend defects from birth or injuries sustained during an accident, such as a car crash or a fire.

Cosmetic surgery is the process carried out purely for beautification purposes.

It can be carried our for numerous reasons such as breast enlargement or decrease, changing the size of the ears, amend dropping upper eyelids, remove acne scars, amend injuries sustained from a fire. Today’s technological advancement allows a lot more areas where plastic reconstructive surgery can be carried out.

Prior to the operation, the surgeon will access the patient’s suitability. As with any type of operation, reconstructive surgery is a various serious surgical process even for the most competent plastic surgeon. Therefore certain checks on the patient, such as the patients health, dietary habits, smoking, drinking patterns are all looked into.

In this video you will get introduced with stem cell reconstructive and plastic surgery.

Now these stem cells are not embryonic stem cells, but created from the fat taken from the woman by liposuction. The stem cells come from half of the fat taken from her. The other half of the fat is mixed with the stem cells. So it is living tissue with some stem cells added as “starter culture” and can grow into healthy breast tissue, since the breasts are composed largely of fat.

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