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Stem Cells In Use with Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Treatment. In this PlacidWay video you will learn more about adult stem cell therapy and treatment. All of you have heard of stem cells. But did you know that Adult Stem Cell treatment is helping people now? Patients are being cures of their once ‘incurable’ disease, diabetic wounds are healing, heart muscles are regenerating- all thanks to adult stem cells. I wish to point out the benefits of this medical miracle and help as many people as I can find a better life using adult stem cells as their launching point. Contact us directly: Email: Phone: +1 303 500 3821 Website: Transcript: Adult Stem Cells Overview Adult stem cells are known as undifferentiated cells. They are also known as multipotent cells capable of producing different blood cells. That means that they haven’t specifically developed or grown into a specific type of tissue or organ. Adult stem cells can renew themselves and grow or “morph” to become just about any type of specialized cell, tissue or organ tissue. There are many different types of adult stem cells, and many of them have the capacity to differentiate, or grow into specific types of stem cells that may help replenish damaged or injured cells in muscular tissue, cardiac tissue, brain and nerve tissue, among others. The basic function of adult stem cell therapy in humans is to maintain and repair tissues in the organ or tissue where they are located. Adult stem cells are also commonly known as somatic stem cells, which are types of cells defined by their origin. Stem cell research has a very viable future of holding treatments for debilitating and life-threatening illnesses and disease processes such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and repair of cardiac muscle tissues damaged by strokes, heart attacks, and coronary artery disease. Recent developments in stem cell research have proven positive results from using stem cells in a variety of treatments of blood disorders such as leukemia as well as vision care and cardiac care. Follow us: Youtube: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn: Helpful tags: adult stem cells,adult stem cell research,adult stem cell therapy,embryonic stem cell,stem cell treatments,adult stem cell types,stem cell injections,stem cell transplant

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