Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes in Mumbai, India

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The Stem Cell Therapy Program in Mumbai India for Diabetes addresses to patients who suffer from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The treatment program consists of daily outpatient based intensive treatment sessions. Patient takes home 6 months pack of oral and injectable supplements for achieving complete healing process.

At a person with Diabetes, the pancreas does not properly metabolize or produce insulin. The main factors that contribute to diabetes are sedentary lifestyle, heredity, poor nutrition, obesity and stress. Untreated diabetes can lead to vascular or neurological problems, heart disease, vision problems and kidney problems.

Benefits of the Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes

  • A significant improvement of symptoms such as blurry vision, thirst, fatigue, pain and numbness in hands and feet, slow healing of wounds, urinary infection etc.
  • A long term 90% reduction in lifelong diabetes related financial costs (hospitalizations, medications, surgeries, morbidity etc.)
  • A significantly reduced risk of developing future complications of diabetes, such as gangrene, blindness, stroke, kidney failure, heart attack etc.
  • A significant decrease (or normalization) of blood sugar levels
  • A significant decrease in dosage (or complete stoppage) of diabetes medications (including insulin)
  • A decrease in blood pressure in those having high blood pressure

After the stem cell therapy, diabetes mellitus patients report normalization of immunological and hematological indices, reduced manifestations of micro- and macroangiopathy and trophic disturbances, restoration of workability. In case of treatment the disease progression is hindered, and periods of remission become 2-3 times longer. Severity and frequency of diabetes complications decrease. Life quality and average life expectancy increase.


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