10 Reasons to Travel to Ukraine for Stem Cell Therapy

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In this video you will see top 10 reasons to travel to Ukraine for stem cell treatment and therapy. You must know your options while selecting the best certified clinics who use stem cells for various treatments.
Stem cell therapy, which is widely considered as a new frontier in transplantation, could be used in the treatment of strokes, a wide range of neurological problems (including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), spinal cord injuries, keloid scars, pancreatic necrosis, diabetes types I and II, as well as repairing heart cells following a heart attack. Experts agree that more clinical research is needed to corroborate this but, in theory, the application of stem cells is limitless.

Granted, stem cell therapy is a complex medical procedure that is still, to a certain extent, considered experimental and should be implemented only in highly specialized health clinics. Apart from the USA, Ukraine and Russia have become the common destinations for stem cell treatments. In Ukraine alone, there are four clinics that specialize in providing this kind of treatment with one of them having the most extensive clinical experience in embryonic stem cell transplantation in the world.

From the moment you send your inquiry to us and until you finish your treatment and follow-up in Ukraine, You are cared for by some of the best doctors in Europe and the world. It is common to be treated and observed by professors and PhD holders in the field of stem cell treatment.

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