Stem Cell Facial Treatment Procedure with Dr. Nancy Alvarez

Stem Cell Facial Treatment Procedure with Dr. Nancy Alvarez. In this video you will see facial treatment with dr. Nancy Alvarez who had performed Stem Cell Facial Treatment.

What is all the buzz in the plastic surgery community about these strange things that you may have heard about called “stem cells”? Exciting research within just the past 3- 4 years has intensified as we’ve learned that the real “fountain of youth” may have actually been discovered in the power of these cells. The innumerable rejuvenating effects these special cells seem to have on the skin are only just now beginning to be understood. Incredible– the quality, the look,the texture and feel of the skin appear to have been improved through changes that seem to be operating at the most basic physiological levels, deep within and under the skin. The skin looks and feels younger.

Cosmetic stem cell procedures are the new era in body sculpting and facial rejuvenation. They achieve the results the patients hope for without the risks inherent to plastic surgery and even most of non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

As the skin heals quickly with the aid of the skin cell treatment, pores get minimized, discoloration disappears, and the elasticity is returned. Blood circulation is enhanced because of the presence of new skin-cells and more collagen is produced with the help of skin cell therapy treatments.

This attractive new approach for clients seeking a natural method of rejuvenation using growth factors and stem cells contained in the blood. Growth factors activate the grafted stem cells, as well as local stem cells to generate new facial tissue producing a more youthful appearance by improving the quality of both the surface of the skin and the deeper facial tissues. The preparation is simple and fast, and is done in the doctor’s office when the appointment.

For the application of stem cell treatment injected under the skin (including the dermis), under local topical anesthesia. Visible results after treatment was noticed immediately and gradually improve the skin up to 5-6 months. A second treatment is advisable if further improvements are desired.

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