Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Treatment in Ukraine

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Treatment in Unique Cell Treatment Clinic, professor Smikodub introduced the method of fetal stem cell therapy on the basis of which autism treatment was devised her. Treatment with fetal stem cells gives the most positive result in most autism patients in combination with medical intensive behavioral psychoterapy with the active participation of parents in the child’s development.

Professionals of UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC provide treatment with fetal stem cells (in vivo) by the method of Professor Alexander Smikodub Sr., develop and apply practically comprehensive treatment for severe acquired and hereditary diseases accompanied by cell count reduction. For over 15 years the founder of our clinic Professor Alexander Smikodub Sr. was the head of the clinic developing and introducing unique methods of stem cell treatment. Now his son Alexander Smikodub Jr. continues this unique treatment commenced by his father. During the years of work our clinic has performed about 6 500 transplantations of fetal stem cells.

UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC organizes stay of our visitors in Ukraine choosing individual programs in accordance with wishes of our clients. Our experience allows us to take into account cultural characteristics of our guests, their religious beliefs and specifics of their national cuisine. We will do our best for your effective treatment and comfortable leisure time.

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