PlacidWay and The Good Samaritan Medical Center

In this video you will learn more about the best medical center for located in Mexico for Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer Treatment, Chronic Degenerative Diseases,Immune System Related Diseases. PlacidWay and The Good Samaritan Medical Center

With over twenty years of medical expertise, our priority here at The Good Samaritan Medical Center, is to provide you with top medical treatments while maintaining a safe and relaxed environment for your speedy recovery back to health. The Good Samaritan Medical Center has over 20 years of experience for in & out Patients. Located in Cd. Juarez Chih. Mexico, just 5 minutes away from El Paso, Tx. USA. Our first class clinic is fully staffed with licensed physicians and trained personnel to provide you with a unique and high Quality Care.

At The Good Samaritan Medical Center you will find a special combination of holistic therapies and conventional therapies. Dr. James named this combination of therapies “WHOLISTIC” because he uses the best qualities of both therapies in order to benefit his patients. Dr. James works primarily with natural medicine and when a patient needs chirurgical intervention, he proceeds with a wide variety of chirurgical techniques to perform surgeries in the less invasive way possible.

The Good Samaritan Medical Center is not just a name, is a concept. Learn more



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