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Gastric Baloon Surgery Procedures. In this video you will learn more about gastric baloon surgery, procedure and gastric baloon cost. For patients who have tried various ways to lose excess weight without adequate results, the gastric balloon is ideal for those who wish to avoid major surgery. Contact us directly: Email: info@placidway.com Phone: +1 303 500 3821 Website: Transcript: Gastric Balloon Procedures The gastric balloon is ideal for those who wish to avoid major surgery. The balloon, which is made of silicone, is inserted into the stomach and filled with saline to induce feelings of fullness. The gastric balloon is effective in helping patients lose weight, since it allows only a small amount of food to be consumed, thus reducing caloric intake. Like the gastric band, the balloon restricts overeating and requires patients to ingest smaller portions of food. Benefits of Gastric Balloon Procedures A major benefit to the gastric balloon is the ability to undergo a weight loss procedure without surgery. It takes 20-30 minutes, and is virtually pain free with little side effects. Patients lose a substantial amount of weight, in addition to consuming smaller portion sizes and learning to eat healthier food choices. Anyone suffering from obesity may benefit from this procedure, as it functions much the same way as gastric banding, though without major surgery. Gastric Balloon Cost While gastric balloon procedures generally cost less than other weight loss procedures, the FDA has not approved of the procedure in the United States. Those who wish to undergo the procedure need to travel outside of the country. In Dubai, prices are approximately $4,000 and in Mexico, prices are approximately $3,250. Prices of gastric balloon procedures in Germany are generally 65% below costs for gastric banding procedures in the U.S. Prices in Poland average about $3,000. Follow us: Youtube: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn: Helpful tags: balloon system for weight loss,gastric balloon,balloon weight,stomach balloon,obalon gastric balloon,weight loss balloon,gastric balloon cost,gastric balloon pill,weight loss balloon pill,stomach balloon weight loss,gastric baloon surgery abroad price

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