Liver Cirrhosis Treatament with Stem Cells – Patient Story

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Liver Cirrhosis Treatament with Stem Cells. In this video you will hear patient testimonial who used stem cell therapy for treating liver cirrhosis. A normal liver will regenerate itself through the division of mature liver cells called hepatocytes. For patients with chronic liver disease this capacity is no longer an option and require stem cell transplants to regenerate the liver with oval cells. – – Liver Cirrhosis pertains to the scarring of the liver and poor liver function as a result of chronic liver disease. Learn the benefits of stem cell therapy for liver cirrhosis treatment. Contact us directly: Email: Phone: +1.303.500.3821 Website: Follow us: Youtube: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn: Our liver is a very important organ for our body. Some of its functions are making hormones, enzymes and proteins for the body. It will also detoxify our body. It converts fat soluble toxins into water soluble. Liver must replace its 300 million cells every 6 months. If this regeneration fails the liver will become overloaded with toxins. But the liver is a forgiving organ. Usually it can recover from certain amount of abuse if the damage has not advanced too far. But when the liver fails to cope with the overload of toxins it usually has a very dramatic effect on the patient. There are usually no warning signals, so people often find out too late that they have a serious liver problem. When the patient is faced with that chronic disease, stem cell treatment is the best way to cure various liver diseases as well as liver cirrhosis as one. Share this video: Helpful tags: liver disease treatment abroad,stem cell treatment cost liver disease,licer disease cure stem cell,placidway medical tourism,stem cell research Liver Cirrhosis therapy,hepatitis treatment,fetal stem cell treatment,chronic liver disease,cost of liver disease treatment stem cell,liver cirrhosis causes and cure,Cirrhosis of the Liver

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