How to Treat Parkinson’s Disease with Stem Cell Therapy

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How to Treat Parkinson’s Disease with Stem Cell Therapy. In this video you will learn more about stem cell treatment and therapy for Parkinsons disease and how stem cell treatment can help in treating Parkinson’s disease. Contact us directly, it’s FREE: Email: Phone: +1 303 500 3821 Website: Transcript: You’ve reached PlacidWay, the leading health tourism company, where you can compare the most affordable treatments worldwide! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get instant access to all of our latest health videos. Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the motor system, affecting muscle movement. Common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include trembling of the hands, tremors, stiffness of the limbs and torso, and slow, stiff movements. Individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s may also have difficulty maintaining balance and exhibit poor coordination. Parkinson’s disease generally affects people over 50 years of age, though the symptoms of the developing disease occur gradually. Fetal Stem Cell Therapy Research for Parkinson’s Disease Stem cell research facilities in Central Europe treating Parkinson’s with fetal stem cells have noted effectiveness in nearly 85% of cases, helping improve balance, reduce tremors, relieved rigidity, and slow the progression of the disease process. In addition to improved physical symptoms, individuals treated at EmCell with fetal stem cells, patients in the study showed distinct psycho-emotional improvement as well as maintenance of memory and intellect, speech patterns, improved thinking skills, and more positive emotions. Future of Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s Stem cells research facilities around the globe are currently undergoing clinical trials, patient trials and recording results. While stem cell therapy has not yet been approved in the United States, they are available in a variety of locations throughout the globe from Central Europe to Latin America to Asia and, of course, the clinical trials underway in the United States, offering hope to millions of Parkinson’s patients. Follow us: Youtube: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn: Helpful tags: Parkinskons disease treatment stem cells,stemm cell treatment and therapy,parkinson disease therapy cost abroad,stem cells in treating parkinsons disease,parkinson’s disease treatment options stem cells,review of stem cells for parkinsons disease,parkinsons disease treatment price abroad

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