How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost Abroad?

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A bariatric surgery is, more often than not, a necessity for overweight people, as it is, in some cases, the only thing that can help those people to lose the excess weight. However, even though it is a necessity, this type of surgery is usually not covered by insurance, as it is considered to be elective. Since each case has to be reviewed by the insurer, and they mostly get turned down, people have started to look outside of their country’s borders to get this procedure done at cheaper rates.

Having this in mind, we decided to give you examples of how much it costs to have a bariatric surgery abroad and to show you the most popular destinations for these procedures abroad. You should note right away that, while it is an important factor, the price should not be the only thing to look at when deciding where to go for this procedure. Experience, knowledge, and quality (both of the staff and the facilities) should be the primary thing when deciding, and only afterward should you consider the price. It is more important to have the procedure done properly than to pay less.

What is the Cost Worldwide?

The cost of these surgeries varies greatly across the world, although not as much as some other procedures in different medical fields, such as cosmetic surgery or dentistry. The reasons for these variations are different rules in different countries, different overhead costs, cheaper access to instruments, and lower staff salaries.

Comparing prices on Placidway, we can find that the cost of bariatric surgeries worldwide ranges from $601 for a Gastric Baloon in Poland, to a Bariatric Surgery in the USA, which costs $74,250. The average price for all types of obesity surgeries worldwide is $9,104 and we recommend looking for deals that are somewhere around this number.


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