Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery in Mexico

If gastric sleeve surgery has failed to offer lasting or desired weight loss in a patient, conversion to a gastric bypass procedure can be an effective alternative for additional weight loss. This is often referred to as a staged approach to bariatric surgery and is usually performed in high-risk cases where the gastric bypass surgery is less risky than it would have been if performed as the first and only procedure.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

  • Increased weight loss
  • No more Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Fast recovery
  • Short hospital stay
  • Safe procedure

 Why choose us?

  • Each and every patient receives a patient coordinator to assist him/her throughout the entire medical process
  • The medical center offers successful and safe bariatric surgery procedures
  • The clinic features a highly qualified medical staff
  • The medical center provides modern equipment and procedures
  • The clinic is conveniently located
  • Highest industry standards of sterilization and cleanliness are carefully maintained


If you want to know more about the Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass Revision surgery offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola, please contact us!

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