Full Mouth Reconstruction – Procedures, Cost, Results in Cancun Mexico

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Full Mouth Reconstruction. Procedures, Costs and Results with full mouth reconstrucion. In this video you will see reviews of cosmetic dentistry patients in Cancun Mexico. Smile makeover has never beed easier. Transcript: My name is John, I am from Chicago. I am here to recomend Ocean Dental and particulary dr. Gaveldon who is dentist in charge at the clinic in Cancun. I have gone to mu dentist here in Chicago because my lower teeth are so low down. Do wore down that I didnt even had a bite anymore, and i recieved estimate from them for the caps and build up for teeth that was around $40 000. My insurance wouldn’t pay for that, so I started looking around for options. I discovered that there were dental clinics in Mexico. So I started to investigate those and found the name of Ocean Dental in Cancun and dr Gavaldon. Emediatley Iasked for an estimate, send my x-rays. They evaluated everything, scheduled the date, and last december I went for the work to be done. It took almost 6 days to all that needed to be done. The amount of care was just amazing. Every day even after recieving numerous shots of Novocaine because of extencive work, I left the clinic with no pain by the end of the week I had permanent crowns on. Staff is extremley friendly and knowledgable and always interested in patiens as well which makes visiting just fun time. The experience is the one beyond my wildest expectations. The price was 20% of what it would cost here in the US, what I believe was even better care There are people who feel the need for full mouth reconstruction because of the physical appearance of their teeth. These individuals generally have teeth that are not properly aligned, they may have missing teeth, they may have Tori in their mouth, or they may have teeth that are horribly discolored from medications they have taken in the past. A full mouth reconstruction can help you if you have persistent, painful problems with your teeth or jaws. People who suffer from Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD), chipped, broken, or missing teeth, may be good candidates for a full mouth reconstruction. … Youtube: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn: Or contact us directly: Email: info@placidway.com Phone: +1 303 500 3821 Website: Heplful tags: full mouth reconstruction,full mouth reconstruction cost,full mouth reconstruction dentist,full mouth reconstruction mexico,full mouth reconstruction implants,full mouth reconstruction abroad

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