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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Cancun Mexico. In this video you will see a review of patient that had full mouth reconstruction done by dr. Irma Gavaldon in Cancun, Mexico.

Having teeth means a whole lot of properly taking care of them and getting them checked by a professional regularly. This can help maintain a healthy mouth and boost your immune system, but have you ever wondered what would happen if you were in an accident? How do you fix your teeth and look correct again? Full mouth reconstruction is more common than people think. It is used all the time and full mouth reconstruction surgery is not as dangerous as other surgeries. Many people choose to use this surgery for various reasons in their lifetime.

Having full mouth reconstruction is important to people who are born with physical deformities that can stretch into their mouths. This is very common in babies, so as they get older their family dentist will send them to a cosmetic dentist that can do full mouth reconstruction surgery.

A full mouth reconstruction is a multi-phase, multi-procedural process which involves the aesthetic dentistry techniques and the science of neuromuscular dentistry.
With the aid of full mouth reconstruction, patients achieve a beautiful smile line and more youthful appearance by rebuilding or restoring their all or multiple teeth in the front and back of the mouth.
In addition to replacing or repairing the missing or damaged teeth, this restorative dentistry procedure involves correcting irregular bite, and getting your gum tissue and supporting bone structure healthy.
This procedure is typically performed by a team of dental experts involving general or restorative dentists; dental specialists like periodontists who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease; oral surgeons; orthodontists who specialize in tooth movements and positions; and endodontists who deal with the diseases of tooth’s pulp.

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