Dr. Irma Gavaldon: Best Restorative specialists in Mexico

Best Restorative specialists in Mexico. Dr. Irma Gavaldon is one of Mexico’s best restorative specialists in Mexico. Dr. Irma Gavaldon, head of Ocean Dental, is a U.S Board Certified Dentist and active member of the ADA. She has gone through all rigorous tests and examinations to earn her U.S Board certification License in the states of Michigan and California. She is also licensed to perform dentistry throughout Mexico.

Short transcript:

Hi, my name is dr. Irma Gavaldon. I was born in Mexico, Mexico City. Then I was practicing Puebla. I did my degree in
University of Mexico and then I went to University of Michigan to do the Masters. I did some teaching at the university and then I’m glad I’m here to working withall the tourists.

The people who come to see me is because they need these kind of attention. We have very well aducated specialists. My oral surgeon did
surgery my son othodontic surgery. Root canal specialist are very qualified and I’ve been doing this for 25 years.
Everything is done to make the tourists more comfortable.That’s why we would pick them up from the airport, we help with
the accommodation if they don’t have anything settled down. My staff and I understand that this is very stressful
We have the sam state of art as United States plus we have cat-scan lab so that makes everything easy and faster and well done. We have digital
x-rays. In this dental tourism you really need to do everything in a fast pace, and we need to do very well. I’m so happy to be here and tried to help all the
Americans and Canadians. I have people from Australia, New Zealand, UK and mostly all Canada and United States.

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