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Dental Implant Testimonial in Cancun Mexico. In this video you will hear Sani Dental patients review. As dentistry techniques improve, many people are now choosing to visit dental surgeries for cosmetic procedures such as immediate dental implants.

Implants are very effective dental procedure and long lasting way of replacing missing teeth. While cost tends to be higher than other traditional forms of teeth restoration like bridges and dentures, having your dental implants here in Cancun Mexico tends to be about the same cost of dentures in the USA or Canada.

In this PlacidWay video, you will learn more about dental implants in Cancun, Mexico and successfull patient testimonials.

patint testimonial: “We thought is was so amazing, that it would be good idea to tell everyone because I know that it’s something that everybody talks about and everybody is probably aprehensive and do dental work in another country, and as we were. But after our experience, we thought it was very important to tell you how happy we were with the service that we got and with the dentists and the dental clinic, the professionalism, the cleanliness of the clinic. And
they have top-notch equipment, x-ray machines, everything.
I had mines procedure done, I had dental cleaning and dental whitening. However, Normand can tell you his experience, he had much more intense work done of which we were very very happy. So, I will let you tell your story.
After, over five years of trying to get some problems solved with my teeth, consulting and dentists, orthodontist and having braces for many years, nothing turned out to be good with the smile that I wanted or the work that I was expecting to get done and finalize.
So after giving up, for almost eight to twelve months we reconsidered as she said, to go to the Mexico and try to get the work done as we heard some people did.
they really enjoyed it. So one day playing online, we find a clinic and just said, lets send an email and see what responce we are going to get.
Finally, we got response from a very very serious clinic that is owned and run by a doctor named Irma. The clinic is Dental Ocean in Cancun and she has been living in Canada for like seventeen years, she was trained at the university in United States in Michigan. I cant say that I got any treatment as good as the treatment I got over there. I got four veneers replaced on my fron teeth, I got two implants and one extraction done on my back tooth and I have nothing else to say.
If you are nervious and little worried about going there and geting the work done.. well if you want to save 2/3 of the regular cost of what it was quoted to us to get the work done for me now, and get it done in one week, instead of getting ti done in maybe in over three months with bunch of appointments, these people will take fantastic care of you.”





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