Dental Clinics in Mexico: Juan Jos Anduaga CFO Talent Acquisition

Dental Clinics in Mexico. Dentalia only works with the best providers of the dental industry. Recover from your top dental treatment at Dentalia with lovely weather and an ocean view, right in the heart of the Mayan Riviera. Dentalia is a dental treatment group with the largest chain of dental clinics in Mexico. We are an innovative dental treatment concept with a culture of exceptional service, with 46 clinics in all Mexico and growing each year.

Every year we recieve in Dentalia more than 5,000 jobs applications national wide and this job applications they go through our demanding process that consists one written exam one and one practical exam. Actually Dentalia is the largest dental clinic in Mexico and employer in dental industry in Mexico. In Dentalia we care about our peopl and our patients. Our training programs
based on two factors. One – is social skills, two – technical skills. We made committees of a specialist in new cases that we have. Also we provide some
scholarships to our doctors. Every day we encourage our people to improve dental health of our patients with warmest respect, exceptional service and
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All Dentalia clinics are operated by top dentists and it does not franchise. This approach enables the group to keep close and strict control of the dental quality work and services. Dentalia offer complete dental care procedures and treatments, from prevention, diagnosis and oral health, to orthodontics, dentures, root canal treatments, tooth extraction, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. Dentalia culture and engagement make us both the first choice for treatment and an excellent place to work

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