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Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery. Knee replacement surgery is performed on patients who have severely damaged cartilage tissue which is replaced with metal or plastic prosthesis. However, there are different type of knee replacement surgeries that are performed on patients, based on the level of damage to the tissue, the patient’s age and lifestyle. Contact us directly: Email: Phone: +1.303.500.3821 Website: Transcript: Trusted by thousands of people every year, PlacidWay is a leading medical tourism company that helps you compare and customize the most affordable treatments worldwide. Subcribe to our You Tube channel and get instant access to all of our latest medical care videos. Enjoy your free pass to quality global healthcare! Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery Treatment Abroad A bilateral knee replacement procedure is the same as a single knee replacement surgery, expect that both knees are operated on at the same time. Bilateral knee replacement or knee replacement may also known as arthroplasty. This type of procedure is considered for people suffering from severe knee injuries or arthritis. The surgical technique replaces damaged knee joints with artificial joints. Cost of Procedures In the United States, a knee replacement surgical procedure can cost up to or over $30,000, as compared to the $12,000 charged in India. The cost of ligament repair can cost around $17,000 per knee in America, with knee abrasion arthroplasty costing nearly twice that amount. Stay up-to-day with healtcare news, treatments and surgery costs! Follow us: Youtube: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn: Share this video: Orthopedic knee surgery information: Total or partial knee replacement surgery price: Helpful tags: TKR,total knee replacement surgery, knee arthroplasty,knee joint,plastic replacement,bone artritis, patella replacement, osteoarthritis,knee pain,operaton,knee swelling,painful walking,Arthritis,knee cap,makoplasty,medical tourism video,placidway

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