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Bangladesh Medical Tourism Travel. In this video you will see why is so much cheaper to go abroad for medical treatment. Bangladesh Medical Travel is dedicated to get access to the best providers and to a variety of health and wellness options, no matter of the geographical location or socioeconomic status of the patients. We believe that every individual, no matter where he/she is from, has the right to excellent and high quality foreign medical care options and choices. Bangladesh Medical Travel aims at offering patients resources providing quality and accredited services to meet their medical needs, such as facilities, surgeons and hospitals for orthopedic procedures, cardiac care, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures among others. Contact us directly: Email: Phone: +1.303.500.3821 Website: Trascript: Increasing number of people from Bangladesh are choosing to go abroad for medical treatment. The main destinations where these patients travel are the Asian neighbors, but why do they seek medical care of sight of their home country? Frustrated by high costs for quality of health care services or lack of unavailable specialized medical treatments and advanced facilities, many people from Bangladesh choose to be treated in countries like India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. These places feature experienced, qualified doctors, low-cost surgical procedures, quality nursing care. Several procedures that are not available in their home country and world class medical facilities. Bangladeshi who go abroad for medical treatment are mainly seeking for orthopedic procedures, cosmetic procedures, dental treatment,s general surgery, urology procedures and all technological treatments. For many of them becoming a medical tourists is also a chance to combine a nice vacation with the treatment they’re undergoing. PlacidWay medical tourism company that helps patients from Bangladesh choose from a wide range of treatment packages offered by renowned medical centers in India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. By requesting a free quote patients will receive all the information they need within 48 hours followed by continuous assistance in support of the most suitable decision and make the best out of their medical trip. If you want to know more contact us. Follow us: Youtube: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn: Share this video: Helpful tags: medical,medical costs,what is medical tourism,travel,surgery,traveling for medical cost in Bangladesh,Bangladeshi medical care patients,treatment abroad travel vacation,Places to see in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Travel Video,transplant tourism,South Asia

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