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Arthroscopy FAQ. In this video you will learn about Arthroscopy procedures, how Arthroscopy is performed and Frequently Asked Questions About Arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is a surgical medical treatment utilized by orthopedic surgeons to diagnose and repair issues inside joints. Contact us directly: Email: Phone: +1.303.500.3821 Website: Knee Replacement Surgery Information: Transcript: Trusted by thousands of people every year, PlacidWay is the leading medical tourism company that helps you compare and customize the most affordable treatments worldwide. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get instant access to over latest medical care videos. Enjoy your free pass to quality global healthcare. Arthroscopy is a procedure that utilizes a special piece of equipment to visualize and diagnose joint damage or problems. An arthroscope is roughly a pencil sized tool that has a small lens attached to one end. Arthroscopic procedures are common on the knees, elbows, shoulder and hip joints. The cost of arthroscopic procedures depends on what area of the body is being viewed and repaired. For example repair of the torn meniscus in the knee may cost an average of $2,000 although hospital fees, assistant surgeon fees and anesthesia may add several thousand dollars on top of that. Travelers visiting countries like India may save between 50% and 75% on the same arthroscopic procedures performed in the U.S. PlacidWay has got all that you are looking for. Please contact us for more information. Share this video: Helpful tags: arthroscope,arthroscopes,arthroscopic surgery abroad,arthroscopy,arthrosis, cartilage,joint exmination, open surgery, menisci, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, foot, hip arthroscopy,placidway medical tourism,meniscus injury,Osteoarthritis

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