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Did you notice changes to your skin, such as new growths or lesions? Do you feel itchiness, tenderness or pain? Do you have moles or freckles that are larger than 6 millimeters? Or has anyone in your family had skin cancer? If YES most of these questions, you might be an appropriate candidate for skin cancer surgery. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancers. In the United States alone, nearly 3.5 million individuals receive a skin cancer diagnosis every year, more than any other type of cancer. An estimated one in five Americans alone is at risk of developing skin cancer over the course of their lifetime. Unfortunately, diagnosis of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, has increased by approximately 800% in the last 30 years, and one person succumbs to melanoma every hour. While melanoma accounts for less than 5% of all skin cancers, it also ranks as the highest in skin cancer deaths. However, the survival rate of those diagnosed with early detected melanoma is extremely good. In most cases, skin cancers are treated through surgical excision. However, before any treatment plan is recommended, diagnostics will determine, through biopsy, the type of cancer and potential options for treatment. In most cases, a larger tissue biopsy or excision will remove not only the melanoma, but surrounding tissues. In some cases, a melanoma that has grown deeper into the skin may require skin grafting in order to minimize scarring. For more signs and symptoms of Skin Cancer, you may visit: Email: Phone: +1.303.500.3821

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