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Looking for the best Bone Marrow Transplant Clinics in Turkey? A Bone Marrow Transplant is a procedure that replaces the destroyed bone marrow with healthy stem cells. Bone marrow is the softest tissue in our body. Stem cells are those immature cells in the bone marrow that give birth to all blood cells.

In this PlacidWay video, your question where can i have bone marrow transplant in Turkey will be answered:

00:13 – What is Bone Marrow Transplant?
00:28 – What are the medical indications for the bone marrow transplant?
00:42 – How much time it take to recover from Bone Marrow Transplant?
00:54 – Why Turkey for Medical Tourism?
01:05 – What are speciality of clinics in Turkey?
01:29 – Where Can I Have Bone Marrow Transplant in Turkey?

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