Top Stem Cell Therapy Treatments for Diabetes in Asia

Regenerative medicine is a field of healthcare that attempts to restore normal form and function to our body’s damaged organs and tissues. The development of this potentially game-changing treatment is booming in Asia. Countries like Philippines, and China are at the forefront, unlimited by ethical objections to this incredible scientific breakthrough, and their advances have created something of a trend: stem cell tourism in Asia.

Stem cell therapy for diabetes is to use the self-replication and differentiation potential of stem cells to repair damaged pancreatic islet function, this way helping patients to get rid of long-term insulin injection.The process of stem cell treatment includes pre-operative therapies, stem cell transplantation, post-operative therapies.

Stem cell research and therapies are wide-ranging and have the potential to change the world of medicine forever by providing cures for a host of troubling diseases. With the continued growth of medical tourism hubs like South Korea, and Thailand, Asia is expected to maintain its place as the epicenter of stem cell research and therapy.

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