Organ Transplant Donor Requirements – Matching and Compatibility

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Organ Donation Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Organ Transplant Donor Requirements. This video explains the transplant waiting list, how someone becomes a donor, the process of matching organs and donor requirements

Organ transplant is of the interesting parts of medicine. A transplant involves Two key persons: The Receiver and the Donor. In this PlacidWay video your questions about Organ transplant will be answered clearly.

00:10 – What is Organ Transplant?
00:25 – Can international patients have organ transplant?
00:39 – What are the requirements of the Donor?
01:01 – What do you have to do when you arrive to the clinic?
01:06 – What do Organ Transplant Clinics in Turkey Offer?
01:24 – Which organ transplant clinics in Turkey can you visit?

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