Medical Tourism – Ethics and Medical Tourist Rights

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Medical Tourism – Ethics and Medical Tourist Rights. In this video you will learn what rights do medical tourist have.

Did you know that international patients have rights, but they are not actually so aware of all of them? It’s very important to be aware of every single aspect of your upcoming experience. It’s a completely new event happening in your life and it involves your health, your emotions, your money, your wellbeing. No matter if you’re still planning your trip, or you’re already at the hospital, be sure that you find out everything that interests you.

The international patient’s rights include all the possibilities for the individual to defend their interests as a patient. Any right of the patient corresponds to an obligation of someone else (a doctor, a medical institution, a medical tourism company or a public authority of the state) to satisfy it. International patient rights imply equitable access to health services, quality of care, patient compliance as a human being, dignity and human integrity.

You should be informed in a language that both you and the other parts can understand. Also, you will receive a copy of your medical record, containing all the relevant information regarding your health status and treatment details. Complete, accurate and timely information is something that every medical tourist has the right to receive.

All the information should be communicated to the patient in a respectful manner, clearly, minimizing the specialized terminology.

So go ahead and ask questions about everything that concerns you: cost estimates, payment methods, doctors’ background, healthcare facilities, travelling destinations, clinics, hospitals, treatment options, procedures, likely and unexpected outcomes, risks. Those in charge of offering medical tourism services will be happy to help you!



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