Lumbar Discectomy – Affordable Disc Removal Treatment Abroad

Disc Removal Treatment Abroad. In this video you will learn about Lumbar Discectomy. Symptomatic disc herniation is a common indication for spinal operations. Disc removal is one of the most common types of back surgery today. A disc is a ‘plate’ or pad that is located between each spinal bone that act as a cushion or shock absorber for the spine. This action protects the spine and brain from common impacts occurring during daily activities and minor accidents.

Disc removal surgery benefits individuals by relieving pressure on nerve roots located in the spine. This in turn enables patients to resume normal daily activities of life, often without limitation. Pain is reduced or resolved as well, creating a return to a quality of life without discomfort.

Between each vertebrae of you spine are discs made up of connective tissue that act like spongy cushions that allow for protection when your backbone twists and bends. As long as these discs are healthy, your spine remains flexible. But, if a disc becomes damaged it may bulge outward or possibly break. Treatments for disc herniation depend on where it is located and how severe the damage is to the disc.

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