Affordable Liposuction in Mexicali Mexico

Liposuction in Mexicali Mexico Can Help You Slim Down

Want to achieve a more toned body? Liposuction in Mexicali Mexico is an affordable solution to help you get rid of unwanted fat while boosting your confidence.

International patients seeking liposuction in Mexicali benefit from the expertise of local plastic surgeons who have years of experience treating patients from other countries. Since Mexicali is only a two-hour drive from San Diego, California, visiting clinics there is convenient. At the same time, Mexicali has intriguing attractions you can visit while there for liposuction.

Cost of Liposuction in Mexicali Mexico

The starting price for liposuction in Mexicali Mexico is $2,600, while the average price is $3,000. Lipo surgery in Mexicali costs more than 50% less than it would in the United States, where it costs over $6,500.

The type of cosmetic procedures done with liposuction, the doctor’s experience, and your general health condition can all affect the cost. However, visiting the clinics in Mexicali will still result in a 50% savings.

How Can I Book Liposuction in Mexicali Mexico?

You can simply book your Liposuction in Mexicali over email, free call, or by filling out the form on your right. Our PlacidWay Team is here to help you prepare for lipo surgery in Mexicali.

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