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Knee Replacement Surgery – Don’t Sit on the Bench of Life

Do you suffer knee pain? Do you notice abnormal knee swelling after walking or light physical activity? Do you have osteoarthritis and are avoiding the doctor because you don’t want knee surgery?

Surgical knee replacement is a highly successful treatment for arthritis. Many patients regain up to 90% of mobility and quality of life after surgery. You may suffer from cartilage tears (meniscus tears).

There are two menisci in your knee, made up of tough cartilage conforming to your bones. If these tear or wear down, the bones rub against each other and cause severe pain. If cartilage tears are caused through age and not traumatic injury, the symptoms can appear arthritic.

Whether you have a meniscus tear or osteoarthritis, you may need knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement surgery is a scary idea. However, once you realize and learn that your fear is unnecessary, you can have knee surgery, get rid of arthritis and joint pain, and still live a full and active life.

All you have to do is change your mindset, and get up out of that chair. You can recover to complete mobility, and have a better life than ever before if you know the secrets to knee rehabilitation.

You’ll most likely feel better than you have in years!

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