How Stem Cells Help in Treating Parkinson’s Disease

Stem Cell Treatment: Effective for Treating Parkinson’s Disease

New stem cell therapies are successfully treating Parkinson’s patients to relieve symptoms, and in many cases actually reversing the disease.

A major breakthrough in stem cell therapy is providing new hope for those suffering with Parkinson’s disease in the US and worldwide.

The procedure using placenta stem cells is reversing current medical thinking which relies heavily on the use of drugsand surgery. This new advancement in medicine may be a significant step in the long sought after cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Compared to prior medical procedures, this new and very advanced stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s patients is showing immediate beneficial effects for many patients, and at a cost most families can afford.

Many of us know basic points about Parkinson’s and we call it a “shaking disease”. Still people are unaware of the facts that why, how and when it happens. It is a chronic neurological disorder which mainly effects movement of the person suffering from it. Symptoms of this disease start out minor but progressively lead to worse conditions.

Common symptoms of this disease are tremor of the limbs even when person is taking rest, slowness in the movement of the body, stiffness of arms, legs and trunk, disturbed balance and shaky movements.

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