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Can you possibly imagine anything more tranquil and romantic than lazing in the beauty and luxury of an over-water bungalow while a marine wonderland drifts below you in a pristine turquoise lagoon? Top Fiji over-water bungalows, or bures as they are called in Fiji, have established themselves as supremely luxurious with all possible amenities discretely provided to afford the most magic get-away you’ve experienced.

Fiji and the Fiji islands are a natural stopping off point between international travel origins and destinations including Australia, New Zealand and India. Because of its location, the Fiji islands have long been the hub of South Pacific Rim travel. Many of the islands that make up Fiji are not inhabited, offering great opportunities for exploration, backpacking, and swimming along miles of pristine waterways and beachfront.

Experience medical travel in Fiji and have unforgettable vacation.


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