Fighting Obesity – Affordable Medical Tourism and Bariatric Surgery

Medical Tourism Fights Against Obesity Epidemic. Can it be prevented? Yes, it is possible. Obesity will not disappear in a day. You can’t lose all of that weight and fat built up during a period of time in one day. It needs to be a process.

Medical Tourism is an excellent option for those who want fast access to affordable and high quality bariatric surgery. Traveling to another country for medical care has proved to be more advantageous than having surgery in the home country. There are plenty of countries which have invested in the development of healthcare infrastructure, that many times it is hard to make a difference in quality between highly industrialized countries such as the US or Canada, and emerging markets such as India, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico or South Korea.

Overweight and obesity are the number one factors for cardiovascular diseases (stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease), musculoskeletal disorders (osteoarthritis), chronic diseases (type 2 diabetes) and several types of cancer (breast, colon, endometrial and gallbladder), breathing problems (sleep apnea and obesity hypoventilation syndrome), reproductive problems, gallstones, among other conditions.

It is estimated that a quarter-million people will undergo bariatric surgical procedures in the United States this year for the treatment of obesity and morbid obesity. Roux-n-Y gastric bypass surgery, considered the gold standard of weight loss surgery, will be performed most frequently at a cost of $40,000 or more per surgery. The less invasive gastric banding “lap-band” and gastric sleeve procedures will be performed for about $20,000 a surgery. More people are electing to travel outside the United States to have these procedures at accredited facilities where quality and safety are assured by international governing bodies and costs are less than half.

The obesity epidemic keeps on to expand rapidly all over the world. Since 1980 worldwide obesity has almost doubled, impacting on people of all ages and lately, children under 5 years old. The statistics are alarming, and something has to be done until it is too late.

Watch this video and find out the only way to successfully combat obesity. Let’s fight obesity together!

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