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Do you feel pain in your bones or muscles? Are your fragile bones susceptible to fractures? Are you eating a diet low in calcium and Vitamin D, are you inactive? Or did you experience frequent falls? If your answer is YES, then you might suffer Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition which affects bones, making them fragile and weak and prone to fractures. The bones become so brittle and weak that they might break in the eventuality of mild stresses, such as bending over or even coughing. Osteoporosis usually occurs in the wrist, spine or hip, but can also affect the pelvis or arms. Osteoporosis is detected after a bone density scan or DEXA scan. The Osteoporosis treatment usually consists of medication to strengthen bones and therefore preventing fractures. But, according to the DEXA results, age and risk of fracture, the doctor will prescribe a certain treatment plan.

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